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Ethical Fleece Rabbit 9-Inch Dog Toy

Ethical Fleece Rabbit 9-Inch Dog Toy

I knew it wouldn’t last.  But that wasn’t the point.  After hiking with Rocky and watching him go nuts over a cottontail bunny (and nearly pulling my arm out of its socket!) I caved and got him this toy.  If this bunny was a TV show, it would be Discovery’s “Destroyed in Seconds.”  One of Rocky’s favorite things to do is rip open plush toys and pull out all the stuffing!

Goodbye, little bunny.


This KONG The Beast chew toy was much loved, but alas, it did not last.

Rocky really enjoyed the short time he spent with this chew toy.  I did not enjoy picing up the nasty little bits of plastic that he chewed up.  Fortunately he doesn’t swallow them!  KONG brand toys are expensive, and for the price, this one just did not pass muster!