About Rocky

"This is too big to fetch!"

“This is too big to fetch!”

Hi, I’m Rocky, and I’m Basset Hound Australian shepherd mix.  At least my owners think so, they’re not sure.  I was adopted on 12-12-12 from the Mary S. Roberts Pets Adoption Center in Riverside, California.  I love everyone I meet, especially playful dogs and cats, and people who scratch my ears.  My hobbies include walking, hiking, chasing my tail, farting, and destroying toys!  I especially love toys that have squeakers, and making sure that plush toys are free from that weird white stuffing (why do they put that stuff in there?).  My biggest dislikes are baths, nail clippers, and any brush besides the Furminator.

Rocky, February 2013

Rocky, February 2013

Here I am hiking with my person Carla!  I’m looking over the top of the Cedar Springs Trail towards Lake Hemet.  This was back when I was first adopted and I had a bit of mange on my face, but I got better.  I love hiking with Carla and exploring new trails, I even carry my own pack!  I hope you enjoy my toy reviews and other cool stuff on my website.


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