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Tennis rope ball fight

This cheap toy is…the…BEST!  It’s got a tennis ball…attached to a rope…does it get any better?  Plus, it’s one of the few toys Amber actually like to play with, too.  I love to chew on these and play tug-o-war!

Rocky and the rope ball

Rocky’s owner Carla says: these toys are perfect.  You can find them at the 2 for $5 section in Petco stores, which is usually near the cash registers.  Although they are not indestructible, they last quite a long time.  A few of these have had the ropes detach from the ball, but they still provide a lot of fun.  There’s just something about the rope/ball combo that Rocky and Amber both love.  It’s rare for Amber to be interested in a toy, but she loves to play tug-o-war with these!  They come in blue, green, and yellow.  The tennis ball part doesn’t have that furry stuff on it, so Rocky won’t sit and chew that off and leave nasty fluffy bits on the floor.  They are a definite winner in our house!